Preparing Your Campaign

Welcome to Every Penny Fundraising!  We have designed our platform to take very little of your time.  We do all of the work and can usually have you raising within 24 hours.

What we need from you to get started:

1. Documentation

We require the following info to get you set up:

  • A signed service agreement
  • A copy of the organization’s W-9
  • The name and address of the payee to issue your funds

2. Choose Your Participant Set Up Option

There are two ways in setting up your donation pages – the choice is yours:

A. Participants Sign Up Themselves

We provide you with a sign-up link, which you share with your participants.  Your participants access the link to create their pages, where they upload their photo and write a short bio about themselves and what they are raising funds for.

Pro:  This option typically results in a more successful campaign due to the personalized pages.

Con:  Since you are relying on your participants to create their page in order to get started, some may take longer to do so or may not do it at all, resulting in missed opportunities for donations.


B. We Create on Your Behalf

You provide us with a list of participant’s first & last names in a two-column spreadsheet – that’s it!  If you’re not sure if some will be participating, provide us with their name anyway so we can set up their calendar. That way, it is available for them if they want to participate, and there is no harm if they don’t.  We will in turn provide you with a list of each participant’s unique URL which you will share with your participants so they can share their URLs on social media.  This typically takes about 24 hours to get everyone added to our system.

Pro:  We set up everyone’s pages at the same time, which means you aren’t relying on your participants to do it themselves, and you can start raising funds quicker.  We pre-fill their bio and profile photo (usually your logo) with meaningful info about your campaign, which is the same for every participant.

Con:  Since we create the pages, it will be missing the participant’s personalized photo and bio.

View a sample donation page

During Your Campaign

This is the best part! Your participants will share their donation page with friends and family, and donations will start coming in immediately. There is nothing else that your organization needs to do.

Closing Your Campaign

At the end of your campaign we will send you a single check for your funds, along with a report showing each participant's raised amount.